Facebook proxy


1. Install ERSCA ROOT and intermediate security certificate. Detail instruction. Send via aemail for Apple devices.
2. Click http://www.fb.walww.com and enjoy!

Features and limitation

Facebook: If FB block you account then you can unblock it self by answering questions.
Twitter: all works fine
Gmail: YOU MUST switch to HTML interface
Youtube: Native HTML5 player supported
Vevo: proxy was closed due to RIAA request

If something does NOT work just tell us and we fix it!

Facebook video chat proxy

a) Setup hardware: web-camera, microphone and headphone required.
b) Setup software: download and install - plugin and patch
c) Run Facebook chat and call your friends!
d) See also FB Video Calling Official page
e) User video files upload and
watching also supported.


We do NOT collect any sensitive information (login, password, etc.) If you want to delete your Facebook account use this link


All vital data:
1. between you and proxy
2. between proxy and facebook
encrypted by SSL
You can switch manually all traffic to SSL but it can decrease performance.


Download our application for Android:


This document last changed: 17 january 2013